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State School Closures
Catholic and Independent School Closures
Early Childhood Education and Care Service Closures
State school closures

The safety of students, teachers and community members is the department's highest priority. If parents or carers have any concerns about access to the school they can contact the principal or relevant regional office.

For the latest updates visit Queensland Alert and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Schools and parents should note that absences recorded as a result of an extreme weather event or natural disasters are not counted on a student's report card nor in the school's absence data.

More information regarding absences due to extreme weather is included in this factsheet.

Catholic and independent schools

*This information is reliant on third-party information being provided to the Department of Education and may not be accurate.

Concerned parents should contact their principal or local education office for updated information about access to their children's school and updated classroom arrangements.

Early childhood education and care services

^To obtain reliable, up-to-date information regarding a specific education and care service, parents are strongly encouraged to contact their service directly.

The closure list is based on information provided by Approved Providers of centre based education and care services who have notified the department (as the Regulatory Authority) of their service closure as a result of a natural disaster or weather event.

Approved Providers make the decision to close and re-open their education and care service/s and are required to notify the department within 24 hours of the service closing.

Families using family day care are encouraged to contact their child's educator for details regarding closures.

TAFE Queensland campus closures

For up-to-date TAFE Queensland closures visit TAFE Qld.